NAB Show 2014

Fraunhofer Alliance Digital Cinema

Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance, des Fraunhofer IIS und des Fraunhofer HHI at NAB rCenter Hall C7843, Las Vegas Convention Center.

We are happy to demonstrate our new developments.

7-10 April, 2014, Las Vegas (NV)

Light-field Recording System

The light-field recording system currently consists of a 4x4 camera array with high-resolution HD-cameras. For postproduction the DOPs and producers are given endless creative freedom to work with the image material. The algorithms, developed by Fraunhofer IIS, allow multiple possibilities in postproduction like the Matrix-effect, which shows the actor frozen in the middle of the scene and the camera moving around the object. In addition, the viewing angle can be shifted or even extended as if the camera was moved although the recording system was in fact static. The plus of views also allows a virtual modification of the camera position. The object can be moved back and forth to the spectator without changing the position of the camera array during recoding (Dolly-zoom effect). These multiple views make HDR image capturing and virtual 3D rendering possible.The light-field recording system can also used to realize stop-motion movies.

Contact: Frederik Zilly

INCA - The Evolution of Digital Camera Systems

The INCA is an embedded hardware platform combining state of the art mobile technology with flexible system design. The hardware architecture provide the full range of connectivity, including HDMI, Ethernet, HD-SDI and wireless interfaces like WiFi and Bluetooth. The platform is running an Android OS with all the advantages of a modern operating system. Customized applications e.g. complex algorithms for object recognition or camera calibration can be implemented easily and quickly. INCA is equipped with a variety of sensors that provide additional metadata such as temperature or acceleration. Whether for extreme sport events, professional film productions or animal documentations – INCA and EagleCam provide highest system flexibility in the smallest form-factor.

Contact: Wolfgang Thieme

Post Production Tools

We demonstrate the easyDCP software and its integration as plug-in in products of Blackmagic Design and Quantel. The creation, playback and transcoding of IMF as an additional functionality will be shown at NAB 2014 integrated in further software products.

The Interoperable Master Format IMF is a file-based solution to store high-quality image and audio data as well as auxilary data - like additional meta data or subtitles  - in an unique standardized format - the so called IMP Interoperable Master Package. This IMP is suited to exchange film content independently from the manufacturer or device. IMF is currently in the process of SMPTE standardization. Main focus of this format is to replace tape-based by file-based workflows and to save time and money by doing so. The IMP can also be used as master or source package, in order to generate different distribution formats. IMF is intended to work as approved exchange format between different postproduction facilities as well as for internal use inside a facility. The Fraunhofer-Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS presents different components for packaging, playback and transcoding of IMPs. These components can extend existing software by the IMF functionality or serve as components for new IMF-based software products.

Contact: Heiko Sparenberg

Trifocal Camera System

The trifocal camera system enables a hybrid 2D/3D workflow which makes 3D shoots almost as quick as 2D shoots. The trifocal approach provides material optimally dedicated to depth estimation. In post-production the depth maps are used to render the final stereo 3D content. All creative 3D decisions including definition of the target screen size can be made in post. The concept has been developed in collaboration with Walt Disney Production Technology and ARRI.

At NAB 2014 Fraunhofer HHI shows an advanced trifocal system with two sinaCAM satellite cameras. The new satellites are directly triggered by the ALEXA central camera eliminating the need of extra synchronization boxes and manual adjustments of the synchronization. The full post-production workflow is now supported by After Effects plug-ins. Fraunhofer HHI provides access to the capturing system through dedicated partners and offers After Effects plug-ins and consultancy for new adopters of the technology.

Contact: Dr. Ralf Tanger

HEVC High-Efficiency Video Coding

Full HD 60 Hz HEVC Real-time Encoder

Only one year after the completion of the new standard specification, the Fraunhofer HHI real-time software encoder already provides a significant bitrate reduction for full HD video input at 60 Hz. The Fraunhofer HHI demonstrates the whole encoding chain at NAB Show: the real-time input comes over SDI from an ARRI Alexa camera as well as from file play out together with audio. The HEVC encoded video output packaged as a MPEG-2 transport stream is fed over IP to the Fraunhofer HHI player system that decodes and plays the stream on a full HD TV.


4K 60 Hz HEVC Real-time Decoder

Fraunhofer HHI presents a real-time software HEVC decoder, which offers real-time decoding of video content at resolutions of up to 4K 10bit at 60 Hz. With its efficient multi-threading architecture, the HEVC software decoder solution allows for the real-time decoding of video content at resolutions of up to 4K 10bit at 60 Hz for all currently specified HEVC profiles. At the NAB Show, the Fraunhofer HHI shows an application of this real-time decoder on its own 4K player system. The player takes the MPEG-2 transport stream input over different interfaces: Fast/Gigabit Ethernet (UDP/TCP/multicast), DVB-ASI, or from a file. For the first time, the video and audio output is over HDMI 2.0 on an 84” 4K TV.

Contact: Benjamin Bross

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